Monitoring Basics

Absolute Protection home security systems are completely customizable to your family's unique needs.

Monitoring Tips.

Home Monitoring isn’t just for break-ins 

While it is clear that alarm monitoring service immediately alerted the law enforcement officials on the very first signal of break-in but home security systems are much more than this. For instance, this equipment also alerted the fire officials instantly and they reached at the location in very short time. The fire officials get alerted because the cause of break-in can be the fire in the house due to any reason. You will be immediately alerted by the service providers so that you can contact the family members. You will be alerted even if you are not available in the home. The house is also observed for the other threats like carbon monoxide, flooding and fire. You know very well, that there are different types of threats which can pose danger to you and your family, so it is better to take effective measures. You will be assured of complete protection because the house is being monitored by professional company in order to protect them from different types of threats and dangers.

Home Burglar Alarm Monitoring Facilities               

Mobile Monitoring

A lot happens at a home or business while you’re not there that doesn’t require a police or fire department response. With, you can keep track of all security system issues that happen at your home or business: see when the kids get back from school, when the dog walker arrives, or make sure those tiny fingers stay out of the medicine and liquor cabinets. security systems will keep track of sensitive drawers and storage areas at your office, allow you to find out when the first employee arrives and when the last one leaves for the day. Just log in to our website from your Windows PC, MAC or mobile phone and you’ll find detailed motion activity reports stored securely online for 60 days. With, you have complete control over security and what matters most to you.

  • More Advanced Security and Sophisticated Alarm Notifications

  • Not only does an home security system cost about the same as traditional security systems, it offers a ton of amazing features your old alarm system could never dream of. Home security systems integrated with will keep you updated on anything you want to know about the security of your property while you're away with an email or text message alert when a specific sensor is activated. You can even check your home security system to look in on your pet by pulling up a live video feed of his/her favorite play area - indoors, outdoors and with night vision too. If you forget to arm your home security system when you leave in the morning, that's no problem either. Just send a command to your home system wirelessly through the web or via your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android app .